iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

It’s a logic board problem, but there is a 100% Permanent Fix

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, it is very common for touch to stop working randomly. Even with a new screen, there will be no touch. This could also happen on iPhone 6 but not as common.

common symptoms:
-Flickering Gray Bar on top
-No touch
-Ghost touching/random touching
-random touching of the screen

How do We fix this:

Touch Disease issue is basically caused to the “M1” connection under the Meson IC Chip.

First, we desolder mason ic chip using a hot air

then we re-create “M1” trace pad that breaks or torn by making a micro jumper

then we reball the chip if still in intact condition or we replace it with a brand new chip and solder it back down on the board.

And Wola! Touch Works and Problem is resolved.