iPhone 8 charging issue

Did you just replace the screen of your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus?

We have the solution!

iPhone 8 battery mosfet missing

The main and only cause of this issue is a what we call as technician pry damage.

this missing component in the picture is a mosfet and it is located right above where the battery connects on to the logicboard and it is very easy to knock it off the board or damage it when trying to disconnect the battery.

soldered iPhone 8 Battery Mosfet after fixing the lifted pad under it

iPad Pro No Touch after Screen Replacement

burnt backlight filter on iPad pro 12.9

The iPad Pro is known for no touch issues after screen replacements and that’s only if the battery is still connected and charged.

“Always disconnected the battery”

There are backlight filters which get damaged or burnt near the LCD FPC Connector even if the iPad is powered down.

How Do We Repair Them?

First, we remove the blown filters like the one in the picture above

then if the pads which the filter connects to are also damaged, we make micro jumpers from the nearest component or where the trace is exposed.

then we place and solder new filters on to the logicboard.

micro-jumpers done and new filter soldered
we put solder mask to make sure that nothing moves

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

It’s a logic board problem, but there is a 100% Permanent Fix

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, it is very common for touch to stop working randomly. Even with a new screen, there will be no touch. This could also happen on iPhone 6 but not as common.

common symptoms:
-Flickering Gray Bar on top
-No touch
-Ghost touching/random touching
-random touching of the screen

How do We fix this:

Touch Disease issue is basically caused to the “M1” connection under the Meson IC Chip.

First, we desolder mason ic chip using a hot air

then we re-create “M1” trace pad that breaks or torn by making a micro jumper

then we reball the chip if still in intact condition or we replace it with a brand new chip and solder it back down on the board.

And Wola! Touch Works and Problem is resolved.

iPhone 7 Audio IC Defect

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you most likely are facing an iPhone Audio IC issue.

The way to test is to open Voice Memo and try recording if the app shows “Recording Failed” or “No Audio Devices” error then the Audio IC on your iPhone is in need of some attention.

common symptoms:

  • No microphon or no speaker
  • grayed out speaker on a call screen
  • Voice Memo app not recording
  • “Recording Failed” error
  • “No audio devices found” error
  • a long 5-10 minutes boot time
  • Static noises during calls

How do We Fix this issue?

First, we remove the Audio IC using a hot air.

Then we re-create the broken pads under the ic by making a micro jumper and the most common trace pad is “C12” which we re-create even if not broken to avoid future audio defects.

Then we reball the Audio IC chip if still intact or use a brand new chip & place it back down on the logicboard using a hot air.

And This will Do it for this audio problem!

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